Apple iPhone 3G Mobile Repair & Service in Hyderabad

Apple IPhone 3G Service in Hyderabad

Welcome to the Apple IPhone 3G Service Center in Hyderabad. Many a Times, iOS 6.1.3 of your iPhone 3G touch may stop responding or my not turn on. You may start wondering why your iPhone 3G Phone not responding or why doesn't it turn ON. This problem in your iPhone touch may stop responding to touchscreen, buttons or switches.

Following could be the problems: 1) The Home button doesn't works or does not take you to the home screen. 2) The iPhone 3G just sleeps and does not wake up even after pressing the sleep / wake button. 3) The Gadget could not be turned ON. 4) The Apple logo visible and the system hang down. 5) The gadget is hung, preserved or does not respond at all. 6) The "Slide to Unlock" or "Slide to Power Off" does not work.

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